The project aims to develop an education platform with a design web 2.0 in its development and to facilitate monitoring the students, and encourage their active participation. To do this we will create portlets to achieve these objectives. Below follows a list of portlets that will be created since not exist in the platform of liferay.

Portlet list

  • Lesson portlet

    This portlet provides a centralized repository for various document types to be stored and assigns a unique URL to each of them. This portlet supports multiple repositories that can be set with different access roles. This portlet provides tools for creation, query and view of educational content. Provides the possibility of sharing these content between members of the educational community.
  • Last news

    Recent posts made in the forum portlet will display as a listed item in the Latest News portlet, along with a link to older archived news.
  • Evaluation

  • Visitor tracking

    Portlet business intelligence applied to tracking students
  • Assignments (Task)

    Activities planned by the teacher to perform by the students. In this portlet defines the sequence of tasks to be done to complete a course in a satisfactory manner. The assignment portlet allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback.
    Students can submit any digital content (files), including, for example, word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, audio and video clips.
  • Tutorial

    This portlet provides assistance for any type of activity, whether activities of the teachers or the students.
  • Import/export

    Import/export content available on other courses of the platform using SCORM(accessibility and reusability of Web-based learning content).
  • Course creator

    This portlet create a course and allow to assign user to course.
  • Course administration

    The administration portlet are only available to teachers of the course. From this portlet the teacher will be able to manage the participants in the course, modify the course template, the begin and end date of course,..
  • Recent Activity

    The Recent Activity portlet shows different activities depending upon the role of the viewer. The users can view the list of last actions carried out in the course.
  • Upcoming Events

    The Upcoming Events portlet displays future events in a summarised list - the number of days in advance is determined as a global variable. Events are generated directly from the calendar and/or activity deadlines, providing a link to full details or directly to the activity.